Business Owners

Three Things Keeping Your Business From Growing

Most entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to dig in and do the work required to grow their businesses.

The problem is, most of the time they’re focused on the wrong things. We all get caught up in the falsity that effort equals results,” but that doesn’t make too much sense, when you think about it. Business owners who are getting 10 times the results, aren’t putting in 10 times the hours; it’s not possible.


So, if you’re putting in the effort, clocking lots of hours, overwhelmed with decisions about what to focus on each day (there are just so many options), and you’re still not seeing the results and fast growth that you want, you’re likely solving the wrong problem.

One of the biggest problems entrepreneurs have is they don’t actually know what the problem is. They’re aware of all the symptoms that the problem is creating, but they haven’t specifically identified the root cause.


There are three main bottlenecks that are the root cause of most business symptoms and one is blocking your growth right now. While you may feel you have all three of these, I assure you, one is the highest priority and causing the most trouble for your business.

The bottlenecks are:


  1. Leads: You do not have enough leads
  2. Sales: You have the opportunity, but you are unable to convert
  3. Scalability:You have the lead, able to convert the sale, but don’t have the capacity or bandwidth to serve the client or fill the order.


If you’re focused on solving all three right now, it’s probably why you’re feeling overwhelmed and stagnant in the results department. If you’re solving the wrong one, then you’re not focused on the real problem and will be disappointed with the results.


To discuss how to overcome the three bottlenecks listed above without having to do any of the heavy lifting, click here now so that we can discuss generating leads for your business, converting leads to sales, and increasing your business’ capacity.