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Appointment Setting

We specialize in creating lucrative opportunities for sales professionals. We take the burden of setting appointments away from you and your sales team. You tell us how many appointments you want to occur and we will set them up for you.

Targeted Messaging

Targeted Messaging

Many business-to-business (B2B) companies fail to grow their sales pipeline because they go after titles that are not experiencing the pain you solve. We want to know the lowest senior title that is experiencing the pain your solution can solve. What CEO wants to talk about software? None of them. However, a IT Manager may be experiencing the pain of not having enough developers to get their project s done. He/she is person we want to talk to if you can solve that problem. If your company is a fit, then we can coach them on taking up to higher levels to get you approved and close the deal.

Qualified Appointments

Qualified Sales Appointments

We do not care about email open rates, click through rates, impressions, or how many people went to your website. We care that your sales professionals are having meaningful conversations with qualified prospects. We generate leads, create engagement, and set appointments.

Lead Generation

Increase Your Sales Pipeline

Most sales professionals get so excited to get an appointment that they go into “diarrhea of the mouth” mode. We recommend a consultative sales approach where sales professionals ask about the prospect’s current condition, what it is costing them, how they have tried to fix it in the past, and what it would look like if it were fixed.

Lead Nurturing

The Truth

Let’s face it… you do not want leads. You want more business and to grow your sales. We want the meetings we set up for you to occur. More importantly, we want those appointments to turn into sales opportunities for you.

Manage Your Sales Team

We use a multi-model approach to reaching out to your prospects while using Gleicher’s Formula for change to identify with your prospect’s challenges, give them a taste of how much better their life will be doing business with you, with a clear and compelling call to action.

Lead Generation. Appointment Setting. Close Sales.

Cornerstone specializes in working with professional service and technology companies to create lucrative opportunities for sales professionals.

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