Business Owners

Expand Your Sales Pipeline Without Expanding Your Internal Team

We specialize in business-to-business who are concerned about logo acquisition or worried that they are not expanding client relationships and are fearful that they will not meet their sales objectives.

How It Works

The good news about B2B lead generation is that there are only eight channels to reach your target market. Those channels are as follows: asking existing clients for referrals; reactivating inactive clients; networking and tradeshows; LinkedIn; email; text; social media; and the telephone. Cornerstone attacks your target market through all available avenues to allow the prospect to respond within their channel of choice. Since we only have eight channels, the success of your campaign will be based on how well we message your company within those avenues. At the top of the sales funnel, prospects want you to identify with their business challenge, give them a taste of how much better their life will be with your solution, social proof that you can address their challenges, and a compelling and easy offer to take the next step. We use buyer psychology within our messaging to make your company stand above the noise and get you noticed. Those that engage with the content we put in front of them goes into a list called the engagement list. We assign the engagement list to a Business Development Representative (BDR) that is responsible for setting up qualified appointments.

Tell Us Your Target Industry/Vertical, Ideal Customer Profile, and Sales Goals

Many businesses want to go right to the top within their lead generation efforts. This is dangerous and often unfruitful; because, the top dogs may not be experiencing the pain associated with the solution you offer. Rather, we want to go after the lowest senior position that has direct contact with the challenge that your technology or professional service addresses. People are ten times more likely to avoid pain than seek pleasure. This is why it is so important to go after those that are experiencing the pain.

We Generate Specific Messaging for Each Ideal Customer Profile and Title

Messaging at the top of the sales funnel must identify with the challenges associated with your target market and communicate the benefit(s) they will receive after doing business with you. David Gleicher’s formula for change is the methodology we use to craft your message based on buyer psychology. Messages must be brief, brilliant, and compelling.

Our Team Builds Out a Multi-Channel Campaign to Fill Your Sales Funnel

Our multi-model outreach approach combines LinkedIn, email marketing, social media marketing, telephone marketing, and account-based marketing to produce leads. We define a lead as someone in your target market that has come across your value proposition and is interested in learning more. We approach each individual within your target through multiple channels with compelling message to gain their attention. The multi-model approach allows the prospects to respond to you in the manner most convenient to them.

Your Business Expands at a Healthy Margin All without Hiring a Single Sales Person

Cornerstone specializes in working with technology and professional services companies to either get the internal sales team more “at bats” or to act as extension of their sales team and close sales. We are the best in the world at creating lucrative opportunities for sales professionals.

Connecting You with the Right People Through Our Proven Process

Our program has been designed to overcome the greatest obstacle standing in the way of reaching your sales objectives.

Get New Clients For Your Professional Services Or Technology Business

Cornerstone specializes in creating lucrative opportunities for sales professionals. We can either set up qualified opportunities for your sales team and/or close sales on your behalf.

Lead Generation. Appointment Setting. Close Sales.

Cornerstone specializes in working with professional service and technology companies to create lucrative opportunities for sales professionals.