Are You Struggling to Get New and Lucrative Sales Opportunities?

We specialize in helping technology companies, technology services companies, and professional services companies get new clients. We can either give your sales team more “at bats” or close sales for you or both.

We have helped over 378 companies grow their sales by over $278 million. We generate leads, set appointments, develop relationships, and close sales.

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We generate sales – not excuses.

At Cornerstone Growth Solutions, we act as your on-demand sales team to help achieve your sales goals through an effective business development process. Our business development process is aimed at targeting prospects that are facing the challenge that your company solves. Delivering the right message to the right person(s) through the right channels generates leads.

We build relationships with the right people through the right channels so that you can grow your sales.

Our technology industry expertise and our professional services industry expertise allows us to build relationships with key decision makers and influencers in your target market. We generate leads, set qualified appointments, and close sales.

We build relationships with the right people through the right channels so that you can grow your sales.

Your dedicated Cornerstone Growth Solutions representatives work in tandem with each other to generate leads, set qualified appointments, and close sales. Each team is made up of a Client Success Manager to ensure your campaign is running optimally. Then, a Business development Manager is assigned to your account to set qualified appointments. Some of our clients have us set appointments for their sales team while others want us to close the sale. Clients that want us to close sales will have an experienced Closer assigned to their account that is experienced in closing sales within your industry.

We utilize our proven techniques to achieve mutually beneficial success.

We apply proven disciplines of Business Development which are: Be specific with your target market, Develop a compelling message, and Use the proper channel for desired results.

We connect you with the right people.

Acting as an extension of your sales team, we are positive that our processes will help you achieve your revenue goals. Generating leads is a function of delivering the right message to the right target market through the right channels. Setting up qualified appointments is a function of how well our Business development Representatives (BDRs) do in booking quality appointments on your calendar. Closing sales is a function of asking the right questions to the right stakeholders so that we can build a story to tell your prospects that makes your solution attractive.

Company Profile Optimization

LinkedIn is the number one business-to-business (B2B) platform to develop relationships with your target market. However, LinkedIn is a relationship-building tool..not a sales tool. We use LinkedIn to start a conversation with your prospects…not sell them right out of the gate as most people try to do on LinkedIn.

AI and Intent-Driven Targeting

Through AI, intent marketing, and our own connections, we find decision makers in your target market to connect with that are already looking for a solution that you offer.

Lead Nurturing Through Relationship Building

We focus on building a relationship with these contacts to ultimately turn them into qualified leads and appointments for your business!

Warm Leads Ready for You!

Throughout our process, we are screening and educating all of the contacts in your campaign. By the time you have an appointment on your calendar, you can be confident that they are pre-qualified and ready to learn more about your company!
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