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Cornerstone is in business to keep your sales team busy with qualified sales appointments. You tell us how many sales appointments your sales team needs monthly, and our job is to meet and exceed your expectations. All you or your sales team have to do is attend the meeting and convert the prospect into a new client.



What is a Qualified Appointment?

A qualified appointment is a meeting with a prospect that meets your criteria for the types of people you want to do business with.  Cornerstone will generate the lead, nurture the lead through education-based marketing, and our professional Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) will contact your leads and set up an appointment based on our predictive lead scoring system.

To ensure the success of the campaign, your sales team will meet twice a month with one of our Growth Strategist to go over the results of the campaign, help convert the appointments into new sales, and implement strategies to do more business with your existing clients.

Market Domination

A consistent flow of leads will be generated once using our proven methods.

Power Positioning

We will help you identify a clear competitive advantage that your businesses has over other businesses so that your ideal prospects are drawn to you.

Overwhelm Your Competitors

Increase your sales by as much as 30 percent in a single year and make your competitors beg for mercy.

“Well, that Was Fast” “I was having a really hard time getting an offer on a single tenant property in Oklahoma. Within six weeks of engaging Cornerstone, we got an offer. I trust Cornerstone with helping me grow my business.”

Albert Mueller Stan Johnson & Company

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“I Hit My 12-Month Revenue Goal in the Third Quarter.” “When I hired Cornerstone, I was skeptical. However, it did not take them long at all to demonstrate the value they provide. We were able to hit our twelve-month revenue goal in the third quarter.”

Terri Hoffman Owner, Marketing Refresh

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