Our Approach

How Does Our Process Get You Sales?

We use the Law of Reciprocity and the Art of Storytelling to begin to build out your new network of targeted leads. We’re specific with the target market, we develop a compelling message, and use the proper channel for desired results.

Profile Optimization and List Building

To start, we set up a LinkedIn profile representing your company, procure a target market list based on your requirements, and send 100 invitations to connect a week.

AI and Intent-Driven Targeting

Through AI and intent marketing, we’ll find decision makers in your target market that are in the buying process.

Lead Nurturing Through Relationship Building

Then, Cornerstone takes the new connections and leads, obtained with intent marketing, through a 5-step messaging sequence with the objective of building a relationship with them first, versus hitting them over the head with a sales pitch that they do not want to hear.

Education on Your Company’s Solution

Instead, we focus efforts on educating leads, illustrating the strengths of your tech company and how much better their lives would be if they did business with you.

Introductory Live Phone Outreach

Next, we employ a method rarely used in modern tech sales – we actually call them to set up an introductory call.

Rapport Building to Qualify Leads

During our call, we ask them about everyone’s favorite subject – themselves – and use this rapport to convert the introductory call into either a demo or a discovery call.

Proposing the Offer

Only after truly understanding what challenges they are facing and what it would mean to them if they were fixed, can we develop a value proposition to make moving forward with you an absolute no-brainer.

Continuous Conversion Follow-Up

Finally, our Cornerstone sales experts work with your team to develop a proposal and persistently follow up with them until they become a new client for you, or they opt-out of our rigorous, disciplined outreach process.

Why Choose Cornerstone

Creating Lucrative Opportunities For Sales Professionals

Business-to-business sales requires persistence, discipline, consistency, listening, and the desire to win, overcoming any obstacle that stands in the way of a sale.

This understanding is why Cornerstone operates on a performance-based model, where your sales are as important to us as they are to you.

We will do whatever it takes to reach your sales objectives as long as it is ethical, moral, and profitable for you.

Lead Generation. Appointment Setting. Close Sales.

Cornerstone specializes in working with professional service and technology companies to create lucrative opportunities for sales professionals.