Grow Your Business

Cornerstone helps business owners get new business. Cornerstone does that by either setting up qualified sales meetings for your sales team or closing sales on your behalf.

How We Help

We work alongside your marketing team to generate appointments and/or close sales on behalf of your company.

Lead Generation

The good news about business-to-business lead generation is that we only have 8 platforms to communicate your message to your target market. The bad news is that there are only 8 ways to communicate your message to the right target market. Cornerstone leverages the power of LinkedIn, social media, text marketing, email marketing, account based marketing, telemarketing, and networking to generate engagement. The issue with most lead generation companies is that they target titles that are not feeling the pain that your solution solves. Then, we use buyer psychology to create top-of-the-funnel messaging to make you stand head-and-shoulders above your competition that drives engagement.

Qualified Appointment Setting

The result of our lead generation efforts is engaged contacts. In other words, your target market has engaged with the content we delivered to them and they are showing behavior of wanting to know more. The lead’s curiosity could be mild to extreme. The job of our Business Development Representatives (BDRs) is to call them, qualify them, and set appointments that will appear directly on your calendar.

Continuous Improvement

Even though we come out of the gate strong, we must use the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of our campaigns to find out what is working and what needs to be improved. We will have regular meetings with you and your team to discuss what is going well and what needs improvement.

Results-Based Pricing

All of our pricing is results-based. For appointment setting, we use the Amazon model. If you ordered 10 computers from Amazon, you expect 10 computers to show up at your doorstep. With appointment setting, you pay for a block of occurred appointments and you do not pay again until those appointments have occurred. On our Sales Outsource Solution (SOS) program, you tell us your sales objective and when you would like to achieve it by. If we do not hit the objective in that period of time, we continue working at no cost to you until we hit your sales objective

Connecting You with the Right People Through Our Proven Process

Our program has been designed to overcome the greatest obstacle standing in the way of reaching your sales objectives.

Get New Clients For Your Professional Services Or Technology Business

Cornerstone specializes in creating lucrative opportunities for sales professionals. We can either set up qualified opportunities for your sales team and/or close sales on your behalf.

Lead Generation. Appointment Setting. Close Sales.

Cornerstone specializes in working with professional service and technology companies to create lucrative opportunities for sales professionals.