Sales Teams

Sales Outsource Solution-An On-Demand Account Executive

When you get leads, do your salespeople lack the discipline and persistence to nurture them through your sales process?

Are you tired of the excuses technology salespeople make? Imagine getting at least an additional $500,000 to $1 million in sales from new clients over a six to twelve month basis?

Cornerstone doesn’t make excuses – we make sales.

How We Help

Send Us Your Leads-Anywhere You Find Them-So We Can Add Them to the Leads We Generate for You

We take full responsibility for generating quality leads on your behalf. At the same time, we also know companies have leads of their own that need to be called and qualified. We can take the leads you have as well as the leads we generate and qualify them prior to putting them on your calendar.

We Take the Call and Qualify Leads Per Your Needs

Our team of Business development Representatives (BDRs) will take the leads and call them to set up an appointment. We only have 30 to 45 seconds to set up the appointment. We will introduce ourselves as your representative, deliver the value proposition, ask a couple of qualifying questions, and put them on your calendar.

Leads are Nurtured to CompletionImprovement

Prior to COVID, it took 7-10 contacts prior to an appointment being set. After COVID, it takes 12-18 contacts prior to setting up an appointment. Our email sequencing and follow up process ensures that we will be professionally persistent in nurturing your leads.

Your Pipeline Grows Without the Need to Hire a Full-Time AE

For the price you would pay a full-time AE, we can provide you a team that includes a Client Success Manager (CSM), a marketing coordinator, a BDR to set appointments, and a closer with guarantees in place to protect your investment.

Connecting You with the Right People Through Our Proven Process

Our program has been designed to overcome the greatest obstacle standing in the way of reaching your sales objectives.

Get New Clients For Your Professional Services Or Technology Business

Cornerstone specializes in creating lucrative opportunities for sales professionals. We can either set up qualified opportunities for your sales team and/or close sales on your behalf.

Lead Generation. Appointment Setting. Close Sales.

Cornerstone specializes in working with professional service and technology companies to create lucrative opportunities for sales professionals.