BitWise MnM, Inc.

BitWise MnM, Inc.

Cornerstone Approached Bitwise With An Offer To Serve As Their Sales Representative In The East Coast.



Bitwise is a leader in providing Data Modeling, Database Design and Optimization Service.

The Challenge

Bitwise MNM is a team of sophisticated and experienced database experts that specialize in solving difficult database issues and have built a reputation for building databases 80% faster than their competition. The problem is that few people knew about them or their capabilities, so their sales were flat for 10 years. Bitwise had hired sales representatives in the past and it resulted in nothing more than a sunk cost with nothing to show for the money invested. The owner felt trapped and began to wonder if the level of success he had achieved was all that he would ever realize.

The Solution

Cornerstone approached Bitwise with an offer to serve as their sales representative in the East Coast. After Bitwise hired Cornerstone, we started generating leads through LinkedIn, email, and the good ole fashion telephone. Cornerstone developed a value proposition within the area that included CEOs and CTOs of privately held companies with less than 200 employees. Bitwise also set activity and performance parameters with Cornerstone on what they expected and by when to determine whether or not to continue with our services. Cornerstone reported weekly to BitWise the number of calls we made, how many leads we generated, how many introductory and discovery calls we had, the sales pipeline, and held planning sessions prior to each meeting to strategize on how to close each account.

The Result

Cornerstone sold a database performance enhancement project in the first month after connecting with a CTO on LinkedIn and building a relationship. Also, Cornerstone has built a robust sales pipeline within the first three months after having 3-5 appointments a week with CEOs and CTOs on the West Coast. In the third month of services, Cornerstone sold a $900,000 database development project with a company.