The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board

See How Cornerstone Set Up 136 Appointment Across The Three New Chairs With A Show-Up Rate Of 100%.



The Alternative BoardTM offers busy entrepreneurs a powerful, streamlined program that includes peer advisory boards, one-on-one coaching, workshops, expert speakers, robust business tools and invaluable TAB connections.

The Challenge

The Alternative Board (TAB) provides business owners with an informal board of advisors that has proven to help entrepreneurs grow and scale their business. They hired an appointment setting company that failed miserably. The appointments set by their previous were few and far between, poor quality, and most of them did not show up for the call. TAB had three new Chairs come on board and they wanted to fill up their groups as fast as possible. TAB approached Cornerstone with the need to set up 120 appointments over a two-month period so that their new Chairs can fill up their groups.

The Solution

Cornerstone believes that the reason most appointment setting companies fail is because they ignore buyer psychology. Cornerstone believes people do business with people that they know, like, and trust. Buying a list, sending them a cold email, and then calling them with a sales pitch does not work. Cornerstone instead focused their efforts on helping TAB build relationship with business owners through LinkedIn, a non-promotional, education-based email campaign, and an offer to get on a call to build a relationship versus sell them a service right out of the gate.

The Result

Cornerstone set up 136 appointments across the three new Chairs with a show-up rate of 100%.