Learn How Cornerstone Closed A $1.1 Million Account In Los Angeles After 13 Months Of Starting Work At Voxware Along With Building A Sales Pipeline Within 18 Months.



The Challenge

Voxware implements voice systems and Augmented Reality (AR) systems inside of distribution centers (DCs) and warehouses. The main value their systems deliver is an increase in productivity of twenty (20) to thirty (30) percent without adding headcount. Voxware’s solutions also increase accuracy order and lowers labor costs.

The challenge Voxware had was generating sales in the West Coast. Voxware’s last three sales professionals they hired in the region failed to generate any leads or sales. Voxware talked themselves into the reason they were not getting any traction in the area due to the density of technology companies within the market area.

The Solution

Cornerstone approached Voxware with an offer to serve as their sales representative in California. After Voxware hired Cornerstone, we started generating leads through LinkedIn, email, and the good ole fashion telephone. Cornerstone developed a value proposition within the area to get noticed and targeted key individuals within a targeted list. Cornerstone also met with Distribution Directors and VPs of Supply Chain at key targets and built meaningful relationships. Cornerstone reported weekly to Voxware the number of calls we made, how many leads we generated, how many introductory and discovery calls we had, the sales pipeline, and held planning sessions prior to each meeting to strategize on how to close each account.

The Result

Voxware said it usually takes 18 months from the start date to generate a sale. Cornerstone closed a $1.1 million account in Los Angeles after 13 months of starting work at Voxware. In addition, Cornerstone has built a $18.88 million pipeline in 13 months with is more than the rest of the US-based sales team combined.